How we are in a relationship.

When I was 10, I believe love is a big word, love is life, love brings miracles, love connects people, love is the most important thing in a relationship. When I 20, which means 10 years later, love is the smallest element in a relationship, love is an useless thing. Love, is just like any […]

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The World of Kanoko// English

*Hello there, finally I got the guts to complete the English version for the movie review, perhaps it’ll be different a bit from Vietnamese version but don’t worry because my basic clumsy writing still remains the same no matter what language I use lolol. So please pardon me for any grammar mistake as I’ll try to […]

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The world of Kanoko// Kawaki

*Vietnamese version. Hope to see English version this weekend!. Original content from February Nights Tumblr. Broken Vietnamese has been edited below.. Spoiler alert (?!) Thế giới của Kanoko – Mình đã shock khi xem phim này, và sự thật là không thể xem phim này một cách liền mạch được mà phải xem thành hai lượt, […]

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