Published articles on Japan Info

Latest update on this position. My contract with Japan Info is over, therefore all of my posts on Japan Info have been deleted, and I will post them here on my blog, or new website (if I found ones) instead. Anyway, thank so much for the road 🙂

*Latest update on June 27, 2016. Although I received an email from Japan Info stated that “all of my articles will be deleted from the site” and after I checked that I cannot access to any article. BUT today when I check over again to sure that I can post these articles to this blog (February Nights), I see that ALL of my articles are available again as if nothing happened. I’ll send another article to Japan Info and if it’d accepted, I’ll thinking again about posting the old articles here.


Here is my personal page on Japan Info. I’ve joined this site at the same time with Taiken but work more active, maybe because their submit system is quite convenience when writer can use Evernote to conduct their article as well as submit it to Japan Info. I have one article was awarded as Article of the Week, and another article got into top 5 Article of the Month *yayyyy*

Below is the list of published articles, the list will surely keep updating as I still have lots and lots more ideas saved in my Evernote!

Japanese Summer Treats

Experience Beppu

Free Sightseeing spots (Part of SMART HACKS Project)

Why don’t Japanese give Priority to the Elderly on Public Transportation [Article of the Week]

Contraceptives in Japan

Tips to eat on a tight budget in Japan (Part of SMART HACKS Project))

Halloween in Japan

Women’s Fashion Past and Present

Top 20 Must-see Japanese Animation Movies [Article of the Week]

Greatest Contemporary Japanese Novels

Fascinating Live-Actions Film adaptions of Manga [Article of the Week]

10 Things Japan can’t be defeated at

Japan RPGs (vs Western’s)

Photography skill

Thrilling Japan school-themed movies

Road trip to Kita Kyushu




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