2016 – New Year Resolution

New Year has come. This year there’ll be no more New Year New Me, just New Year and Better Me, and there’ll be more practical Resolution, something that’s possible to achieve and worth fighting for, something that don’t challenge my patience too much, something that truly help me to become better.

My 2016 Resolutions:

  1. To stay healthy and sleep more appropriately

    The past year my sleeping habit has been messed up quite lots, also eating habit. This year, less Coke, less fast food and more vegies pleaseee! And stick with an accurate skin care routine also another thing to do to eliminate those pimples. And go to gym more constantly!

  2. Keep a positive thought, wise mind and actual caring!

    I’ve been depressed all the year round with all of my jealousy, and stalking shit of worthless people. I also let plenty of people that I used to call them friends walked out of my life without hesitation, which was one of the things that make me regret most afterwards (besides to miss my Zara’s favorites knits). This year I may try to be more caring and more positive to see how it goes 🙂

  3. To travel abroad at least once, to travel within Japan more than once, to solo-travel. TO TRAVEL MORE!

    I’ve always wanted to go to Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, also Europe countries but due to financial status, Europe should be saved for later. To start making a serious travel plan will help me stick more with these destinations. And above all, work hard for your goals to make them happen!!!

  4. Determine my future: graduate school or working

    No matter what path I choose, better saved some money for them. Improve my GPA, look for internship opportunities, seriously work for it. Hard work paid off, and I strongly believe in it!

  5. Pay-off all debts and learn how to manage my budgets better

    The sub-title explains everything, face the problems and solve them bit by bit.

  6. To become Writer of the month at least once!

    This year, my freelance writing career has been so good that I’m very excited and positive thinking of its position this year. Maybe I do good at writing, maybe not that good, however, I’ll never stop writing, as long as it’ still one of the things helps me get rid of stresses.

  7. Create an actual plan to get closer to the goals as well as to make all the above things happen throughout the year.

To sum up, to live in peace, to stay healthy, to grow up, to be surrounded around your loved ones! Happy New Year and wish everyone a great year ahead!


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