Bullet Journal: The beginning!

Hello guysss, here comes my most favorites month of the year: February!

One of the things I told myself when 2016 came is to live organized! And fortunately I have received lots of inspiration from other #bujo users, and decided to do what I do best at: to buy beautiful journal notebooks and writing utensils, of course, organize and design my own bujo content.


And since my Leuchtturm1917 notebook still on its way to my home, I decided to buy this cute Muji dot grid notebook and have my February tracked like this one *point up up*

Not to mention the motivation I can have with this notebook in order to practice my handwritings, everything is absolutely organized! The monthly tracker system seems to work well with matching colors and the tasks I have to complete. The ultimate motivation yahooo!!

I also decided to participate in February’s #PlanWithMeChallenge and #RockYourHandwritings 😀 I’m so excited right now haha!

Let’s hope my life will be more organized with this new system and I’d recommend you guys to try this tips out! It absolutely helps!


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