Chuyện tập gym

Thật ra mình mới tập gym theo work out plan và theo diet plan mới được… 3 tuần có lẻ thôi, trước đó cũng có đi tập quào quào và cũng học lỏm nghe ngóng nghiên cứu từ những người đi trước một tẹo. Dạo này thấy có tí kết quả, và cũng thấy các […]

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Several things learned recently

It’s been a tough time for me, and or everyone back home (if anyone heard about the horrible environmental pollution case in Vietnam’s coast line which caused the death for thousands of fish, and people started protesting against the Government for not making any clear announcement or action towards this situation). And it’ simply a […]

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First posters everrrrrr

Although having been working in S.T.O.P for more than a year, but I just started to serious handle some real design stuff with their upcoming events. Don’t know where to post this actually… Long live Photoshop yassssss All are copied under my rightsssssss.

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Compassion Fatigue

Full title: COMPASSION FATIGUE – IN RELATIONSHIP TO ISIS AND WAR ON TERROR PAST & PRESENT. War and Media class Final Report. Grade 18/20 :”> This report is the combination of the application theoretical theory of Compassion Fatigue into very specific situation, which is US and ISIS. I. Introduction On the evening of November 13, 2015, […]

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