Several things learned recently

It’s been a tough time for me, and or everyone back home (if anyone heard about the horrible environmental pollution case in Vietnam’s coast line which caused the death for thousands of fish, and people started protesting against the Government for not making any clear announcement or action towards this situation). And it’ simply a good time to reflect…

  1. Although the Government hasn’t provided the best things for its people, but don’t totally lose faith in them. They just need time (and better media plan…). Anyway, transparency government is what everyone wants right?
  2. Don’t lose your temper easily, or else, you maybe taken for granted by bad people (I mean the ones who always want to take down the Government hmm…) ALSO violence is and will never a good choice or a thing to do. To keep a cold head is a must in any circumstance.
  3. Education and improving awareness/ critical thinking of everything around us is the most important and I believe it can solve almost all the negative/ uncivilised things.
  4. Sometimes you have to let thing go for your own sake, own good. It’s hard, but it’s never wrong to choose to walk away from pain. It may also takes time to move on, but remember, always choosing yourself, and there’re always more right with you than wrong with you.
  5. It’s good to prepare some tips beforehand  in case of depression suddenly visits. For instance, like a “Happy kit” xD
  6. No matter you are a media-major student or not, DO NOT easily believe what are posted online, especially on SNS. Picture can’t talk, but its caption can, create support or hatred, all depends on how the caption drives you!

Inspiration here:

The Art of Letting Go

Good reads when you are down


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