When one door closes, another will open

Today the contract between me and Japan Info just ended. Personal reason. I did not expect that to happen, but it did, and it was a loss to me. Japan Info has always been a great travel site as well as a good financial source to me, to put a stop to it, indeed a HUGE loss to me, both financially and mentally.

But as many other unexpected struggles that will come sooner and later in life, I have to move on, because “when one door closes, another will open”.

I got accepted to a new part-time job, in an okonomiyaki restaurant, well-paid, nice boss, almost all the staffs there are people I know. It was good though, in general. Can’t wait to begin the job as soon as possible, most ideal is from tomorrow, after I have submitted all the necessary papers. They need people to work, I need money and I have time and strength in exchange, and I believe in hard work pays off.

There is also another examples of how God (or faith or destiny or whatever you believe that is controlling your life) never takes anything from you without giving something else in return.

I had a fight with my boyfriend (as usual), it was a cold war (again), hence d I didn’t talk to him – the person closest to me for whole day (and maybe days after). And guess what, the best (girlfriend) I thought that I’ve lost, talked to me again today. She won her ego and talked to me, I was touched, because she did what I couldn’t do. It was, how to say, WOW, you know, that feeling when someone sees you as (or more) important as (than) themselves (or their ego), that feeling, WOW…

I just know that I can never lose everything at once. That if I was good enough, I can never be defeated. That everything comes and goes for some reason. That you should not let the fear take over, and you should believe in yourself, I know this sounds cliche, but to have faith in yourself is the best way to get up from the lowest point of your life, then, you will have enough power to take action, to redeem what supposed to be done right. Because it’s your life, and there is more right with you than wrong with you.

And I believe you can do it!



3 thoughts on “When one door closes, another will open

    1. thanks so much for the support! it helps me a lot! especially after visit your page and see how much effort you have put into it to help and inspire people 😀

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