Reading Challenge 2017

This year I don’t interested in any New Year Resolution, maybe because I haven’t written my 2016′ Summary yet, so spiritually, 2016 for me hasn’t finished?!

Anyway, as I’m doing my job as an amateur translator for a sort of Book Club and Promote Reading Habits – Read Station, ALSO, I just created my Goodreads account, therefore I feel a little of responsibility to achieve something memorable related to books – what I love most, way more than them hoomans out there – so here you are: My Reading Challenge 2017:

  1. A – more than 500 pages – book   [The Fountainhead/ Kafka on the shore]
  2. A book that won Pulitzer   [Lord of the flies]
  3. A book that was made into a movie   [Gone Girl/ The perks of being a wallflower/ check more here]  
  4. A collection of short stories   [Birthday stories/ Blind willow, sleeping woman]
  5. A book that is set in your ‘must-visit’ country   [Boy in the striped pajamas]
  6. A book based on a true story   [1 liter of tears]
  7. A book which you chose because of its cover but never heard any information about it beforehand   [Sông/ Cánh đồng bất tận]
  8. A book that you already started but never have chance to finish   [Hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world/ 1Q84] – god blessed me these books are super thick
  9. A historical book   [to be honest, any suggestion?]
  10. A psychological book   [Thinking fast and slow]
  11. A philosophy book   [Sophie’s world]
  12. A book which is written more than a century ago   [Great Expectations]
  13. A book that is set in the future time   [451 fahrenheit]
  14. An autobiographic book   [Tuesdays with Morrie/ Dreams from my father]
  15. A book written by an under 30 author   [Giấc mơ Mỹ – Đường đến Stanford/ Magnified World]

Name of the books that I plan to read are written in the brackets (and a slash “/” which mean I may read only 1 book or more for that category), and I’ll put a check (even a brief review if possible) after I finished any of them 🙂

Feel free to take up this challenge, and you may considered my books as suggestions or you can suggest more books for me!!!

Let see how it goes 😉


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