Real benefits of Pymetrics test?

So, I applied for Unilever Future Leaders Programme 2017 on Thursday and just took their online games round today. Despite the quite positive result, I failed this online games round lol so yep, no more UFLP until next year, however, I don’t intend applying to the Programme again, because I’d rather take the true Logical Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning Tests (in the actual job recruitment) than this zany personality test.

Btw, this zany test is from Pymetrics


I’m not really sad though, since the idea of applying ULFP popped up when I saw one of my friends applied for it and suddenly I wanted to try too haha.

Way before, I’ve never thought that I’d work for such firms like P&G or Unilever, but after this, maybe I’ll seriously consider these options. I’m about to have my job hunting, and there will be so many failures ahead waiting, but I’m ready for this hehe.



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